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The Perils of Wind & Hail Insurance

Here in Wyoming it may be safe to say that the Perils of Wind & Hail might be the most predominant insurance perils that occur in our state, and it sure seems like Mother Nature likes to remind us of this from time to time also. When we start to explore our Homeowners Insurance quotes and policies, we as consumers are being offered many available options these days depending on the Insurance carrier we choose to cover our Home for damages.

 Many Insurance companies now offer their Homeowners Insurance policies with two types of wind & hail deductibles available.  The first being more of a somewhat traditional fixed dollar amount deductible of say $500.00 dollars. The other becoming more predominate these days being a percentage Wind & Hail peril deductible.  The percentage type of Wind & Hail deductible option in the more common HO3 Insurance policies can help reduce the amount of your annual premiums.  However if one suffers an unfortunate wind & hail insurance claim we may have to reach a little deeper into our pockets to.

When looking and shopping for Wyoming Home Insurance Quotes we typically see these deductible options starting in the amount of 1% -to- 5% for some available choices.  A basic Example of a percentile deductible would be if we look at a potential home with an Insurable value of say $250,000.00 dollars, then your chosen 1% deductible would equate to $2500.00 that one would have to pay your repair person for a covered loss,  and your insurance policy potentially covering the rest less any applicable deprecations.   

The importance of discussing your Home owners insurance coverage options with a Wyoming Insurance agent can be advantageous by getting the necessary protections that one specifically needs for their homes protections.  Performing an Insurance needs assessment is always encouraged to be sure one gets that protection that they must have, while not getting things that may not be applicable to them at all, Reflecting on those Insurance rates that we all pay.       

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