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Oil and Gas Insurance

Oil and Gas Insurance

Wyoming Oilfield & Gas service insurance for your Equipment, Water well casing, Grout Production services, drilling rigs, Energy transportation operations and more. These types of energy operations and entities are consistently evolving in our great state “The Insurance corners” can help provide solutions for a wide variety of these exposures and the Sometimes niche area’s that surround them. We can also offer Special Quote appointments for these types of policies upon request.

Oil Field & Gas Contract Pumper Oil & Gas contractors may also have different types of risk exposures depending on the specific job requirements that they may perform.  Some of the differences can include changing out major control monitoring systems within pipelines, pressure gauges, changing out valves, cleaning around wellheads and more.

Other Wyoming Contract Pumpers may be required to visit Oil Field and Gas Well sites to perform pressure testing and recording the site’s systems before moving on to the next.  Depending on the Oil-gas company you may decide to work with they may require you to carry different types of coverage other than standard a general liability for these exposures. 

You may be required to carry Wyoming Commercial Auto Insurance for that truck you utilize on the job, and sometimes Excess Liability that will provide extra Insurance limits above the General Liability limits in-force in the event of an unfortunate loss.  One should always be sure you check with the Oil & Gas company-employer and obtain a copy of their “Insuring Agreements” of coverges that your required to have in place before starting a new contract here in the Cowboy State of Wyoming.     

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