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Specialty Insurance

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The Insurance Corners of Wyoming offers specialized insurance advice to a wide range of industries. We excel in providing complete farm & ranch, oil & gas, trucking, welders, restaurant, nonprofit, contractors, technology, cyber liability, and inland marine insurance solutions.

The agents at The Insurance Corners of Wyoming understand the complexities of Wyoming business insurance. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive insurance review and find out what we can do for you.

You work hard and we know that, so when it’s time to look at protecting your Wyoming Farm and Ranch operations from a significant loss, here at The Insurance Corners we know the importance of having that proper insurance coverage in place. Whether you’re that large scale Wyoming Rancher with thousands of acres and Livestock, The Wyoming Farmer growing Crops and Alfalfa, Dude Ranch, or maybe have a Small Hobby Farm and enjoys the fruits of your labor lifestyle, we have customized insurance for your individual needs. Let’s take a look at just some of your Wyoming Farm and Ranch Insurance options available for you today.

Oil and Gas

Wyoming Oilfield & Gas service insurance for your Equipment, Water well casing, Grout Production services, drilling rigs, Energy transportation, fracking operations and more. These types of energy operations and entities are consistently evolving in our great state “The Insurance Corners of Wyoming” can help provide solutions for a wide variety of these diverse exposures and the Sometimes niche area’s that surround them. We also offer Special Quote appointments for these types of  Insurance Quotes upon request.

Wyoming Commercial Trucking Insurance can vary depending on one’s needs and legal requirements for the roadways. Whether you’re hauling for an on hire basis, or your own entity “The Insurance Corners” can assist with providing insurance options thru its diverse trucking insurance markets. If you’re that Wyoming Commercial trucker for Hire business owner , or your own Owner-Operator we can explore coverages like your Cargo insurance, Trailer interchange, Refrigeration, Commercial General Liability and be sure your electronic filings for State and federal compliance are processed promptly so you can hit the open road as quick as possible.


Welding Insurance is tailored to one’s specific requirements per job or contract that they may enter. Wyoming Welders performing Gas, Solid State, and Arc welding operations for Oilfield & Gas services, Pipelines, fabrications and more often require General Liability limits that may vary depending on the type of services they provide. Often times other lines of Commercial insurance will be required along with Welders General Liability coverage such as their Commercial Auto, Pollution, and Excess Liability to meet the Insuring Agreements of a Specific Contract.   

No two restaurants are exactly alike. A trendy downtown bar has very different Small Business Insurance needs from a fast-food franchise, and a coffee shop has different general liability concerns than a local bar and grill or Your favorite steakhouse. The Insurance Corners has insurance solutions for all types of Wyoming restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks and more.

Our professional insurance agents will take the time to learn about your business and recommend a tailored insurance policy to address the needs of your unique operations. Contact our Wyoming Agency locations for your Business Owners Insurance Quote today. 


If you operate a nonprofit, you need the assistance of qualified insurance agent that understands the needs of 501(c)3 organizations.

The Insurance Corners works with insurance companies who offer specialized coverage to insure you, your board of directors, your volunteers and the people you serve.

The good work perpetuated by your nonprofit can be endangered by a number of risks. With the right insurance coverage, you can keep up the good fight without losing sleep over a disaster or potential lawsuit.

Whether you focus on a single trade such as painting, plumbing, or electrical maintenance, or maybe a contractor providing a wide menu of services, our experienced insurance agents will take the time to learn your unique business and recommend commercial insurance solutions that fit your specific insurance needs.

We focus on building long-term relationships, and as your company grows and changes, we’ll provide rate and coverage reviews to help you protect your bottom line. Contact our Casper Wyoming Insurance Agency to find out how we can help your business today.


Your IT company faces different risks than companies in other industries. The Insurance Corners offers policies to address the specific concerns of technology companies — whether you operate a sole proprietorship out of your basement or an IT firm in a downtown office.

As your Wyoming IT business expands and the landscape of corporate technology evolves, our experienced insurance agents will review your policy with you and provide recommendations for new or updated coverage. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Regardless of what type of business you own or manage today, you need cyber liability insurance. You probably have some type of online presence, but even if you operate entirely from a brick-and-mortar location, you need protection against hackers. Identity theft is rising, and cyber crime that compromises your customer or patron base can cripple your organization if you don’t have the right protection in place.

Inland Marine

We understand the risks of doing business. Whether you work in an industry that requires transportation of high-value equipment or deliver freight to customers nationwide, you need an insurance agency on your side. As your business grows, our experienced team of insurance professionals will work with you to provide regular rate reviews and assessments. Our job is to help you get your job done right.